Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yeah, it's been a LONG, LONG time since I've blogged, but life happens and well I don't have time to log on and update in longer than "status" and "tweets" but I felt compelled to write the previous post because of the current situation our family is going through due to the government shutdown.  While I doubt Obama or anyone in Congress will actually read it, it was therapeutic to even write it and post it just in case anyone cares.

SO moving on I wanted to update...cause it's looking like the last time I posted pictures it was when Zack was a baby!!  Holy cow, yeah that's a while back.  Zack will be 4 on Halloween!  Since then we've added Juliana in July of 2011 and most recently Amilya in July 2013.  We now have 3 girls and 2 boys...exactly what my family had growing up :o)  Are we done....well that's yet to be seen.  While we are 99% sure we're done, we haven't taken any measures to insure that we're done...catch my drift.  Every baby is a miracle and a blessing.

I will try to be better about posting updates and pictures...

Dear Mr. President and Congress,

Sorry I don’t know all of you by name, I’m not politically educated like some of my friends and family, but you see, Mr. Obama and Congress I’ve been a little busy these past couple years, I am a stay-at-home Mother to 5 wonderful children, ages 3 months to 7 years.

My husband Joshua Gillette works at GSA, he buys computer equipment and from what I understand he loves his job and he’s darn good at it. He is proud he can provide for his, larger than normal, family and we have never been on food stamps and while we scrap by we are happy. We don’t have car payments, or cable, we have an internet phone line which cost us $30 a year. We have cut so many corners in our budget, it is now round. But there’s one thing we NEED in our budget…it’s an INCOME. An income my husband wants to work hard to earn.
On Friday we went to our bank, we had received only 6 days on Joshua’s paycheck. With October Mortgage looming over our heads and multiple bills due we broke down and cashed in our children’s savings bonds we bought to help with college expenses, (knowing by the time they’re in college, financial assistance will probably not exist). We were humiliated as we handed over the bonds in our children’s names. I had to steal my children’s future…but I guess in Congress that might not mean much to you, you seem to vote on bills every day that steal parts of their future. The national debt is out of control and while I agree with the concept of Obamacare I think it needs some serious reworking…but shutting down the government or should I say SHUTTING DOWN MY FAMILY is not the answer.

My children need winter clothes and I have no money to provide that right now, even though the Missouri weather is turning crisp. I tell my oldest 2 to make sure they eat all their lunch at school because I know dinner will be sparse. We don’t go to the YMCA for me to work out or the kids to play because it’s located a town over and we simply can’t afford to waste any gas. My husband is humiliated he has to file for unemployment and food stamps. We’ve asked family for help but most of them are in their own financial hardships due to the continuing sluggish economy. My youngest brother was let go from his job this past Tuesday, but has agreed to loan us money as long as we pay him back when we get back on our feet.

I went to the grocery store today, Aldi’s because it’s known for cheap food. I bought bread, milk, pasta, and other things for dinners for 5 nights and my total came to $39 and all I had on me was $35. I cried as I looked in my grocery cart trying to find any "non-essential" item but knowing everything I picked out was carefully placed in my cart as a key ingredient for a meal. I chose to put back 2 boxes of cereal and butter, but held my head down in shame and wouldn’t make eye contact with the people behind me as the manager was called over to override the return. I was humiliated.

Please work together to end this shutdown and let 800,000 government workers return to their jobs which you might consider "non-essential" but which are indeed essential to their families. This is the faces you’re hurting Mr. President and Congress…these are my children.

Friday, August 30, 2013

WOW, been a while.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Little Monkey Bizness Commercial

Luke and Dani are in the Birthday Party! Also you have to be looking for her but in the big shot of the whole playing floor you can see Dani carring a book in the lower left of the screen.

Where has the time gone?!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted :o( Sorry. Josh is doing really well with his leg healing, he's finally able to walk without any kind of support or special shoe. He's been released from his Doctor so now we're just waiting on what comes next with Workman's Comp. He still needs pain medication, but he's weaned off most of it, and hopefully soon won't need anything at all.

The kids are all being crazy as always. I'll have to post pictures of some of the things Dani has done because hey they are funny...looking back.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Holy Cow life is busy

So I realized that it's been oh about 5 months since my last post! Things have been a little busy around here since April, but then again what life isn't busy these days?

So let me see if I can even remember what on earth has happened...it might be a bumpy ride :o)

May - seriously I can't remember anything from that long ago! I don't remember when but Josh is now walking and doing Physical Therapy in the mornings. He still has quite a bit of pain, and his muscles are pretty weak in the upper thigh but he's WALKING! He mowed the yard with a push mower for the first time in 2 years a couple weekends ago...it was awesome!

June - I turned 30...ugh Josh turned 31, we both had pretty good birthdays, nothing fancy just celebrated at home.

July - visited my Dad & Step-mom, Brother Steven & his wife Danielle & Daughter Addison, and my Sister Melissa, her husband Tommy & their son Nate for 4th of July. It was so much fun. Zack had a blast "dancing" when the sparklers were lit. I also designed a lovely bikini for Brenda out of light sticks...good times...good times. I love being silly with my family.

August - Josh started Guitar lessons I was able to get for 75% off being of Groupon. He is doing a concert in 2 weeks as the 10 week semester ends. He's loving doing something he enjoys and usually never gets time to practise...I can't wait for him to be home again on Thursday evenings! I had carpel tunnel surgery on the 27th on my left wrist. I am still having some trouble with strength in that hand, but it's getting better. I have an appointment next Friday and I will ask the Dr. what physical therapy I should be doing. I am also seeing a new Reproductive Endocrinologist and a new Rhumatologist and I hope they will be more willing to look at the bigger picture of helping me be better as a whole person instead of trying to fix just the current symptoms. I got diagnosis with Lupus finally, but the Dr. said he is a little unsure because I only had 2 of the 3 areas...yada yada...so I'm trying to get my medical records from the Air Force, because he said he could use that to try to determine if the Lupus is enough to qualify for disability...wish me luck.

September - Luke & Dani are taking swimming lessons. Luke is really reserved when it comes to doing anything in the water and usually tells the instructor no. Dani on the other hand is a water baby and wants to "do it own self" and tries to push away from you even though she really doesn't know how to swim!

Zack has one tooth and one coming in...I'm glad they waited for a while because he's still nursing! He's also still sleeping in our bed...I know I'm all about attachment parenting but it will be nice when he sleeps in his own bed. The stores all started decorating for Halloween and I told Luke they were getting ready for Zack's 1st b-day :o) Awesome. I think we're going to have his party at Johnson Farms because my mom works there...but it's such a drive out for our friends but it would be fun!

Ok...so that was a very quick run down.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter Pics

Here are some recent pictures of the kiddos.
Luke continues to make us laugh every single day. He's amazing and says the funniest stuff. He's also getting annoying and knows how to push every last button.
Dani is so funny and CUTE. I love 2 year olds because while they are a handful they are still so innocent and it's adorable no matter what she does...even standing on a chair butt naked saying, "Ta Da"
Zack is our little Mama's boy...he wants me 24/7. It makes it VERY hard to do anything around here. He's laughing and playing with his toes now. He LOVES to eat and grabs for anything you're trying to eat or drink if you're holding him. He loves Luke and his eyes just beem when Luke plays with him. Dani loves to give him kisses and say, "morning Zackie" she also likes shoving binkies into his mouth or trying to feed him stuff...like her fingers :o)
I have more pictures...I'll try to post later.