Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today...and a slight detour at the end...

Well today was a very long and very sad day.

Great Uncle Howard's funeral was today. We wanted to be there for the visitation part as well, but didn't set the alarm counting on Luke to get us up as usual somewhere between 6-8am. Well I guess he decided to be "nice" today and apparently shut our door when he got up this morning and turned down the TV so we wouldn't hear him up (I think it has more to do with the fact that he got into brownies than he was being nice).

So we didn't get to Uncle Howard's funeral until about 11:30 when the visitation was over and it was time for the funeral to start. Dani of course couldn't sit still and I ended up having to take her out and since I was going Luke had to come too. Luke and I had a good conversation about being reverent and he did go back and sit down with Josh again for a little while. We'd really wanted to get a babysitter, but my mom was already babysitting Lee's grand kids, down at their house. Plus all my "favors" have all be used up with having to get a babysitter every Thursday for Josh's Dr's appointments.

Josh said it has been a long time since he broke down and cried at a funeral, but when they were playing the song, "That's my Job" he couldn't help himself. He said he was just remembering all the times he'd spent with G-Uncle Howard and it made him sad he was gone. He's also teared up when Ali was talking about all the things G-Uncle Howard was to his kids and told me later he hopes he can be half the Dad he was, I think that's such an awesome comment to make about a person.

We drove out to the cemetery and I stayed in the car with the kids so Josh could go out and listen to the graveside service. Then we went the family lunch, I remembered it from Great Aunt Edna's funeral. The kids ran a little wild and Dani got her pretty dress covered in tomato seeds. Uncle Gene scared Luke by telling him he was going to cut his fingers off. Luke flirted with Breea (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly - Josh's cousin, Jon's, girlfriend) and said "I see them all the time" because he has seen them about 3 times in the last couple of weeks. We saw Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bill and Dani flirted with them...and pretty much everyone else at the lunch. While we were in line she went up and hugged a pregnant lady, and had someone else pick her up. She flirts all the time and waves at people, I love this age. Both the kids gave me a run for my money trying to climb the stairs, & running around.

We got home about 2:30 and I tried to put Luke down for a nap...wasn't happening! He had fallen asleep in the car but the minute I picked him up to take him inside he woke up...darn it. Dani went down without a did Josh :o) I should have taken a picture of our van on the way home everyone was asleep.

We went to a BBQ for a friend's b-day around 5:30 and I had to keep the kids at bay again. I'm not one of those parents who let my kids just run and play, without me close by. I'm just not. Luke kept trying to go in the house, well then I have to be in there with him or Josh has to go and Josh is pretty much out of the picture when it comes to chasing kids right now. So Luke had a bit of a fit. There wasn't even an adult that stayed inside so I could ask them to watch Luke, so he had to play outside. He ended up riding a trike down the backyard (it was pretty steep) and I just thought..."he's all boy!" He would just pull it back up to the top of the hill, get on and spread his legs out and FLY down the hill.

So now that I'm physically worn out, I'm also emotionally worn out. Some things have come to light about my in-laws that is troubling me. No worries, nothing to do with any of you, just some apparent thoughts about me that have now been revealed. A Blog is an online journal...but you can't really say what's on your mind can you? You can't really say what you want to say because then "everyone" can see it...but what if it's the truth? What if you want to say it to everyone? You can't even then because it's not socially acceptable. So I guess online blogs are not real journals after all. You can't say your boss is a total jerk, or you might get fired. You can't really blog about your latest fight with your husband...because eventually you'll make up. So blogs are really about the "nice" things (or sad I guess with regards to this post) that happen in your life. So by doing this blog am I painting a picture that things are all roses...well roses have thorns.

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