Friday, March 19, 2010

Josh update

Well Josh went back in last Thursday the 11th and had 143 staples removed!! The Resident that was removing them said she thought there would only be about 50-60 but I was pretty convinced there were more, so when she was done she asked if we wanted to count...sure enough 143 was the magic number. Some of them hurt more than others, but Josh says it's like a bee sting...well imagine 143 bee stings in a row. He had some discomfort that night, but it's gotten better over the week.

We're just praying that the 40cc's of bone they grafted into the site will be solidified by his next appointment on April 20th. Fingers crossed, then he can start the long road to walking again...yeah!!! We're really thinking this is it for this stupid leg :o)

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