Friday, May 29, 2009

Jeannie's Benefit Dinner (my mother-in-law)

Jeannie Gillette is my mother-in-law (and the most wonderful one in the world - seriously she's amazing)She has been diagnosed with stage IIIB Cancer and is currently undergoing Chemotherapy (she's already finished 6 weeks of radiation).

When she got sick she had to quit work, luckily she did have insurance through her husband's work but it's only covering 80% of the bills. As some of you know medical bills can be HUGE and they are starting to feel the pinch.

There will be a benefit dinner June 6th and I am currently looking for any donations for a raffle and slient auction. Anything you can think of please email me.

Thanks for any and all help or IDEAS too!

Checks can be made out to Jeannie or Danny Gillette, and mailed to our house or they also have a paypal account for medical bills set up, go to the blog then there is a link on there for the paypal account.

RAFFLE TICKETS: $1 for 1 or $5 for 6!

There is more in the raffle than is on this list...more items added almost every day.

1. Embroidered Rose Quilt

2. Pieced Quilt with camouflaged backing

3. Baby Quilt for a girl

4. Crocheted Baby Blanket

5. Deer Hunt for Fall 2009 in MO: 1 Adult or 1 Adult with 1 Youth

6. Abu 4600 Bait Cast Reels w/ Rods

7. Abu 4600 Bait Cast Reels w/ Rods

8. Abu 4600 Bait Cast Reels w/ Rods

9. $50 cash

10. Stone Massage

11. Gift Certificates X-Ray, Adjustment - Therapy

12. Gift Certificates X-Ray, Adjustment - Therapy

13. 4 Snowmen on a board

14. 5 pc. Garden Tool Set w/ gloves & flower seeds

15. 32" Pruning Lopper

16. Weather Radio

17. 20 pc. Screw Driver Set

18. 5 gal. Gas Can

19. 1 Pair of Sunglasses w/case

20. Pewter Courthouse Tray

21. Diffusers

22. $25 Gift Certificate to Bath & Body Works

23. Highlight w/ a Haircut - Total Image Salon

24. Hair Products

25. Body Products

26. Haircut & Style

27. Hair Products

28. Oil Change

29. Oil Change

30. $100 Sesson Fee - Bartz Photography

31. $25 Gift Certificate - Out Back Salon & Spa

32. $25 Gift Certificate - McBee's

33. $25 Gift Certificate - NAPA

34. $25 Gift Certificate - Grizzell's

35. (2) $10 Gift Certificate - Southside Cafe

36. $15 Gift Certificate - Flaming Lantern

37. $10 Gift Certificate - Hallmark

38. $10 Gift Certificate - Town Square Hardware

Monday, May 25, 2009

My little chocolate girl

Tonight for Memorial Day Josh did the all American thing and spent the evening in front of the BBQ. After making a delicious dinner Josh decided to use our "left over" smore stuff from Saturday night (we went over and visited Gabe, Heather, Nate, Chris, Gabby, Nick at their camp site) anyway he went down and did it over the hot coals. We brought up a plate of them and Luke got one and I decided what the heck and gave one to Dani...LOL There's where the fun started, she promptly took the smore apart and the side with the chocolate fell down on her tray (chocolate side down) and she started eating the marshmallow on the other side. After a while I wondered if she had already eaten the chocolate (because she LOVES chocolate) and turned over the other gram cracker, and sure enough as soon as she saw it she threw down the cracker she was eating picked up the other cracker separated it from the chocolate and started eating the chocolate! LOL...Josh and I just cracked up. She loves her chocolate. Josh will say "she is her mother's daughter" but I say she's just a girl! What girl doesn't love chocolate!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOL Funny

So last night Josh was putting Luke to bed. Luke proceeded to tell Josh that there was a scary monster in his room that would poke out his eyes if he closed them! (talk about disturbing!!) Anyway Josh grabbed a billy goat stuffed animal that Luke has in his room and told Luke that he would put the billy goat next to him to sleep and he would protect him.

Luke's comment, "DAD, the goat's NOT real!" (think 3 year old exaggeration)

Then I guess he told Josh that he would just have to sleep with his eyes open. This monster thing lately is starting to be pretty disturbing, what should I do for the poor guy?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Names here you go. Here's what Josh and I are thinking for Baby names:

Jonas Zackery (nicknames: Joey, Joe, JZ (that's Josh's choice btw)
Zackery Scott (nickname: Zack)
Jonas Zackery Scott (hey I figured we'd all be happy this way :o)

Julianna Jeannette (nicknames: Julie, Anna)
Alexandrea Jeannette (nicknames: Alex, Ali, heck she can even use Andrea)
Elouise Jeannette (nicknames: Eli, Louie, Lou, Lou Lou)

We're not budging on the middle name for the girl, that's Josh's mom's middle name.

So what's your vote?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nightmares, Fevers & The Boy in the Mirror

Last night Luke looked a little pink in the cheeks and sure enough he felt warm...did he have a fever?? I don't know the thermometer we found wasn't working...augh...I know I have several of those around here somewhere, I need to get more organized.

Also last night Luke climbed into bed with us around 2:30am because he said that when he closed his eyes a monster with dots and red wings was after him, but the monster went away when he opened his eyes. I told him we would write a letter to Monsters, Inc. stating we didn't want anymore monsters to come into his room...hope that helps :o)

This happened a few days ago:
Josh told me when he was watching the kids that Luke came out of his room and said that he told the little boy in his mirror that his room was messy, then the little boy in the mirror told him that his room was messy too! I asked Josh if either little boy told the other one to clean his room but Josh said he doesn't think it got that far! LOL...made me laugh

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My poor baby girl.

So Dani got sick right before we went to church. She was acting fine and has been just fine over the last couple of days so I was a little shocked. So here's the funny part:

Me: "Josh, Dani's throwing that dog food?"
Josh: "I didn't think she ate that much."

Anyone else see the problem here? He didn't say...I didn't know she got into the dog food, he didn't say I tried to stop her I guess she did get some dog food... awe the funny things in life, now with my blog I'll be able to tell her she got sick eating dog food. Honestly I don't know if it was the dog food or not that made her sick, I'm feeling a little sick myself...but I don't ever know if it's just pregnancy or if it's actual sick.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What I really want to say

So isn't a blog like an online journal? So what good is a blog when you can't say what you really want to??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GRADUATION!!! I know no one really reads my blogs so this is mostly for "records" sake.

I will graduate with a 4.0 on Saturday from Park University. I'm pretty excited, but I just found out about in last Friday so I haven't had the chance to tell everyone or send out any invitations. So I'm a little bummed about that. I guess I can always send out after the fact announcements with me in my cap and gown or whatever.

So if you're reading this and I actually know you, please come to my graduation Saturday May 9th at 11am at the Community of Christ Auditorium in Independence. If you don't know where that is please call me and I can give you directions.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

K-Mart Doubling Coupons

For all of those people that think I'm crazy for couponing, I just got a ton of stuff for free or near free. I saved 80% off retail value!!
Retail = $236.29

Coupons = $190.18

SPENT = $46.11