Monday, April 27, 2009


Today I have an appt. with the HR (High Risk) Doctor's at St. Luke's. I am always very nervous right before every sonogram I just hold my breath until they see a heartbeat and tell me everything is ok. I did that the entire pregnancy with Dani as well, I hate that I know my pregnancies are high risk. I know it's important to be followed by the Doctors but it also makes me very worried the entire time. My pregnancies are very much about making it "just one more week." So far Luke was fine the whole time, but I didn't know I was considered high risk with him. Dani was induced 3 weeks early for low amniotic fluid, but she's ok. So, right now I have a great track record and everything should be ok with this next baby as well, I just worry.

I'll post sonogram pictures today after the appt. :o)

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