Monday, April 27, 2009


The sonogram went well! The heartbeat is good and strong at 160 bpm. The baby is measuring a little bigger than my previous due date of Nov. 4th, (now Oct. 31st) and they said it is always good at this stage when the babies are measuring bigger, it means they are growing strong and healthy.

On a funny side note: The lady doing the sonogram started laughing a little and she said I just thought this was funny and pointed out that the baby was all stretched out chilling and had it's legs crossed at the ankles. I laughed too because I seem to have babies that do that. In fact Lukas even did it after he was born he would naturally sit with his ankles crossed. I even took a picture about 5 months old because it was so cute he continued to do it. I have a sonogram picture of Dani doing the same thing! LOL...I don't know why but all three of my kids seem to cross their legs at the ankles, guess this little baby belongs in our family for sure.

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