Monday, September 28, 2009

Little crazy around here

SO I'm sorry for not updating until now :o(

There has been quite a lot going on and I don't even know where I left off so I'll just give you a quick scoop of the latest.

Josh is doing ok. His leg still hurts all the time, and some days are pretty unbearable for him. He's working a full 8 hours a day now and gets rides to and from work from his co-workers, mostly Brad. Everyone at his work has been amazing and it's nice for him to finally be in a job where everyone actually cares about each other and it's not just a "job" but they seem more like family.

Workman's comp is still giving us grief, they finally paid for Josh's prescriptions we had to buy out of pocket, and some shoe lifts (we've been trying for that one for over a year) but they have refused to reimburse us for any of the expense of having someone else drive Josh to work or for babysitting when I have to drive him to the hospital. It's so stupid - if I actually worked outside of the home they would have to pay for my time off work (that's what I get from our lawyer anyway). So being a stay-at-home mom doesn't count in the eyes of WC.

Luke is funnier than ever. He cracks us up on a daily basis. He came in early one morning and after Josh helped him change his pants (had an accident :o( Josh asked for a kiss.

Luke exclaimed, "Oh, I ran out of those. I'll need to save up my money and get more at the Kiss store."
Josh, "Oh, ok where is the Kiss store."
Luke, "Well it's really far away, you wouldn't be able to see the sign."

His prayers are also very cute and need to be taped to enjoy them over and over again. He's started demanding to say his own prayers with no help. He's managed to "bless our brains," "bless McDonalds, Sonic, and Burger King and all their toys," (slightly disturbing to me) "bless all the people in our town," "Thank you Jesus for all that you did for me and all that I do for you"

Dani is also blooming into quite the little lady. She isn't talking yet but she's picking up sign language quite well. She does say Mama and Dada but it isn't real regular. She pants like a dog when she sees Sophie and when you ask her what a dog says...I find it super cute.

She is a girl and prone to drama though, she has started pointing her finger at Luke when she starts crying. I may or may not have seen what actually happened but it's usually his fault. She still follows him everywhere and wants to play with whatever he has. Luke can be a mean brother and shoves and pushes her out of the way...she in turn gets very angry and has started biting him!! (oh great...I got one of "those" kids!!) I've started putting her in "time out," and she cries and walks over to the time out corner (she's seen Luke in it plenty of times)...but usually just turns around and comes right back.

She LOVES to read books and gets super excited when Josh gets home. He can usually get her to sit on his lap for a while and read to her, it's a cute tradition I hope continues.

Me - well I guess this will be mostly a baby Zackery post. Last Friday I had my sonogram and they found that he is continuing to lay sideways! :o( I've been doing everything I can to get him to turn, and he had gone down once, but I guess he is just liking laying's always a different position when I go in! Also my amnio fluid is low, and they are concerned about that. Now I have to go in on Wednesday and do a Non-Stress Test then on Friday I go in for another Non-Stress Test and sonogram. If they find on the sonogram on Friday that my amnio fluid level has gone down or that Zackery hasn't grown they are talking c-section (because he's sideways).

So this leaves me very nervous and worried (the last c-section didn't go so well...despite what some people like to believe and gossip about I really did feel everything, every cut and tear). I don't want him born at 35 weeks. I'm not ready for a newborn. Josh is still on crutches (we had originally thought he would be off them by now). Dani is still such a baby to me. I don't know how 5 weeks will make that much difference but it seems to be huge right now.

I am going to the YMCA all this week and getting in the water for 2 hours a day like the Dr. wanted. She said that the water will help the blood flow to Zackery and help him grow. I'm also drinking water like it is going out of style. I hope all the efforts will show some improvement on Friday...cross your fingers. that should have gotten you all caught up.

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