Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Tomorrow is D-Day

D-Day as in decision day.

The Dr came in on Wednesday after my NST and said that the baby looks good, but that I had high blood pressure. It was 150/90 even after I had been laying in bed for the 1/2 hour test. I ususally have very normal blood pressure. Then he said that it would be a good possibility that I would be admitted to the hospital on Friday and watched closely to determine when the best time would be to delver Zackery. He said it's a delicate balance of where the best place for Zackery to develop is, right now he's still better off inside but conditions could change and then it would be better to let him finish developing on the outside.

So everything is now in WTHeck mode and Josh and I are scared, worried, hopeful and everything in between and sideways. I'm on bed rest but with Luke, Dani and Josh on crutches bed rest is more like a dream

We"re going to take it day by day at this point and see what happens

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