Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well I actually had several posts in the "drafts" section and never published them because as my husband will attest I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. I re-read them over and over again to make sure every post is perfect...well I'm too busy now!!

So from where I left off here's a quick catch you up:

I luckily didn't have to be admitted to the hospital because my Midwife was wonderful and gave me a number of suggestions to get my amniotic fluid up and my blood pressure down (although I truly believe it was only up because they mentioned c-section!) anyway we were very lucky I wasn't admitted although it was an eye opener and many of our family were on high alert and ready to help out. In situations like that it's nice to know we have family that is so supportive.

Our little angel was born on Halloween! I had an appointment on the 30th and my amnio fluid had all but disappeared and the Dr's said I would need to be induced that day. I was allowed to go home and get my hospital bags, and I made use of my drive home to call my Midwife. She agreed that I would indeed have to labor and deliver in the hospital, it was some sad news for me but I was glad I had called the Midwife so I didn't have any "what if" questions later, I know that it was my only choice and where I needed to be for my health and the babies health.

Zackery Scott Gillette made his entrance October 31st at 9:21am, he was 6.8 lbs and was 19.25"

I'm convinced he waited for my mom to get to the hospital at 9am because his middle name is partly in honor of her (she was born in Scotland and has ancestry there through her mother). I was glad my mom made it to the hospital and thought she would be able to see him born, but the Dr. asked her and Lee to step out so they could get the room ready, we didn't realize he was basically crowning and before we all knew it he was born.

It was a great labor and delivery, Dr. Wickstrom was amazing. She was gentle and offered me lots of help to keep me calm and relaxed. She understood I was in a delicate position and scared considering Dani's labor and delivery. I cannot explain how amazing she was, it was beyond words, but I am truly grateful my Doula Sarah Wallbaum led me to her.

Zackery has been a great baby, he is sweet and loving and started smiling a couple of days ago. Josh and I are "seasoned" parents and are doing better with the lack of sleep than we did with the other kids. I doubt we're getting more sleep, we just seem to be able to deal with it better.

Lukas is a GREAT big brother and loves Zackery so much. He often comes up when he's fussy and tries to calm him down by telling him, "Hey baby Zackery, it's your brother" then plays with him.

Dani is 2. That sentence alone should explain the trouble we're having with her :o) But I guess I could expand that and say that she's in total love with Zack and loves having her own real live baby doll in the house. It's been almost 2 months now and she still beams when she sees him. She wants to hold him all the time and yesterday I physically had to pry her arms from around his stomach to get him back. She's having some trouble with her speech so she has a Dr's appt. in a couple of weeks to test her hearing. I guess she's been having some ear infections but we've never known because she doesn't show any signs of pain :o(

Josh's mom had to be admitted to the hospital and they did surgery, it was successful and they didn't find anymore cancer, which was a huge blessing. We're hoping she gets to come home soon to enjoy Christmas.

Zackery was blessed along with his cousin Leah on Sunday, Dec. 20th (also my Grandma Powell's birthday). We were lucky enough to have my sister Melissa her husband Tommy and their Son, Nathaniel (Nate) come up from Oklahoma Nate got to pass sacrament and that was really awesome to see. We were also blessed to have my brother Steven, his wife Danielle and their baby girl Addison come up as well. Addison was born in April and this is only the 2nd time I've seen her in person. I'm glad Danielle has a blog so I get to see pictures pretty frequently. Josh's Uncle Bill, Aunt Cheryl & Aunt Diana also made it up for the blessing.

Another special person in attendance was Scott Young. He was a high school counselor of mine and in fact played a pretty big part in my life when times were tough. I won't go into all of that but I was set on using the name in honor of this man. Without him in my life at that time I may never had made it though.

So you're all caught up. With the new year I'll try to keep this updated as often as possible with pictures of the kids and of course (and the driving factor in making this blog) when Josh has more surgery information.

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