Monday, May 25, 2009

My little chocolate girl

Tonight for Memorial Day Josh did the all American thing and spent the evening in front of the BBQ. After making a delicious dinner Josh decided to use our "left over" smore stuff from Saturday night (we went over and visited Gabe, Heather, Nate, Chris, Gabby, Nick at their camp site) anyway he went down and did it over the hot coals. We brought up a plate of them and Luke got one and I decided what the heck and gave one to Dani...LOL There's where the fun started, she promptly took the smore apart and the side with the chocolate fell down on her tray (chocolate side down) and she started eating the marshmallow on the other side. After a while I wondered if she had already eaten the chocolate (because she LOVES chocolate) and turned over the other gram cracker, and sure enough as soon as she saw it she threw down the cracker she was eating picked up the other cracker separated it from the chocolate and started eating the chocolate! LOL...Josh and I just cracked up. She loves her chocolate. Josh will say "she is her mother's daughter" but I say she's just a girl! What girl doesn't love chocolate!

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