Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nightmares, Fevers & The Boy in the Mirror

Last night Luke looked a little pink in the cheeks and sure enough he felt warm...did he have a fever?? I don't know the thermometer we found wasn't working...augh...I know I have several of those around here somewhere, I need to get more organized.

Also last night Luke climbed into bed with us around 2:30am because he said that when he closed his eyes a monster with dots and red wings was after him, but the monster went away when he opened his eyes. I told him we would write a letter to Monsters, Inc. stating we didn't want anymore monsters to come into his room...hope that helps :o)

This happened a few days ago:
Josh told me when he was watching the kids that Luke came out of his room and said that he told the little boy in his mirror that his room was messy, then the little boy in the mirror told him that his room was messy too! I asked Josh if either little boy told the other one to clean his room but Josh said he doesn't think it got that far! LOL...made me laugh

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