Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aug. 13th Appt.

So the Dr. is in FINLAND...must be nice. Josh just had a "quick" appointment and they took an x-ray. He's had a lot more pain at the break site this week so he was worried it was lengthening a lot, but we won't know until next Thursday when the Dr. is back. We were told it was a special thing the Dr. was taking appointments next Thursday because he would have just gotten back into the country the night before...what that tells me is that we're going to be waiting on the Dr. to get his butt into the office. He never gets in at a certain time and we've overheard (not hard in his office) that most days they have no idea where he is, but he's never "usually" in until about 9am. Funny that his first appointment is 8:30 then...hummm. The mismanagement in his office is so horrible it could be a funny play or movie if you weren't in the middle of it and waiting hour after hour for a Dr. to show up. We were pretty lucky that last Thursday we were actually able to see him on-time and pick up the kids by 10:30am (usually 12:30pm)!! Woohoo...small victory.

After his quick appointment I had a baby appointment...I'm just not as exciting as Josh. My Dr's office is quick and there usually isn't much to report. I have a sonogram to check growth in 2 weeks so my appointment might be REALLY in maybe an hour.

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