Thursday, August 20, 2009

GOOD NEWS - Dr's Appt today

So the Dr. got back from Finland yesterday and saw a handful of patients today. The waiting room wasn't "standing room only" as it usually is. We dropped the kids off a little late though at Lisa's house (THANKS LISA!!!) at around 8:30am and rushed over to KU Med and got there about 9:10am, technically 10 minutes passed our appointment time. Usually if this had been a 'regular' day for Dr. Horton we'd be SCREWED and probably not be seen until noon, and not have anywhere to sit in the waiting room. Luckily for us it was a 'light day' (still plenty of patients...hummm...probably about the number he should regularly see!) we got in quickly, Josh was taken back to X-ray. (Don't tell him I told you but he has a crush on the x-ray lady...I think it's because she makes him take his pants off every least he's getting some action right)

Dr. Horton gave us GOOD NEWS FINALLY! Apparently all this laziness on Josh's part (yeah right you need a wheel chair at has paid off and his bone has started to GROW...AND there is enough that it's keeping the rod from lengthening any more!!! WOOHOO since he's been at a length he's comfortable with it's a huge blessing. The Dr. said because of this he won't need to do the stabilizing bar surgery (the bar outside his leg with pins going inside his leg and attaching to the rod to keep it from lengthening more). Awesome news...not sure how a 3 1/2 year old and 19 month old would have done with medical equipment resembling playground equipment!

I asked Dr. Horton were we can reasonably see Josh in 11 weeks (since that's when I'm due...give or take a few days) and the Dr. said we'll just have to wait and see but hopefully the bone will continue to grow and he might even been somewhat weight bearing by that time! What a sigh of relief on my part to know Josh will be able to help more with the kids by the time baby Zackarie (yes still working on how I like it spelled) gets here.

Also because we're just working on bone growth (well ok Josh's body) Dr. Horton told us we don't have to come in every week, so our next appointment isn't for a month!!!! Another huge WOOHOO.

So that's all our fun good news for today.

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