Sunday, June 21, 2009

Josh is HOME!

Josh was released from the hospital around 1:45pm today! WOO HOO...sort of.

Danny & Jeannie came over and watched the kids, who miraculous decided to both take a nap at the same time today! It's pretty rare that Luke takes a nap at all. I got to the hospital and shortly afterwards they came down with Josh, we put him in the back seat pushed all the way back and the front passenger seat moved all the way's times like these that having a minivan with a huge sliding door is a really, really great thing. He was able to get in without any problems. Josh was pretty much dozing off the entire ride home, he's on a lot of medication. He would fall asleep then wake up yelling, "What, where are we, what's going on..." It was rather disturbing actually.

We dropped off his prescription at Walgreen's at Sterling & 23rd. I drove the van up to the door and helped Josh get up the stairs and will take some upper arm strength to do that better in the future (can't wait for 'handicap arms'!) I got Josh all set up and then had to go back to Walgreen's to give them the workman's compensation prescription card that we were sent a couple of years ago. We figured it would be great, it's supposed to take care of all our medications...well turns out they don't have Josh in the system! I couldn't believe it because they were the ones that set up this surgery, didn't they KNOW he would need pain killers??!! So stupid. Anyway it was a fight with Walgreen's and a nasty mean pharmacist that didn't know what she was doing. I even asked if we could just get one day's worth of pills until we could call workman's comp in the morning and she said no. I said my husband just had major surgery and if I didn't get him something for the pain then I might as well take him to the ER, the BEEP had the nerve to say, "well maybe that's the best choice." NO BEEP it's not the best choice, the best choice is for you to let me pay for ONE day's worth of pills, that's like 5 pills lady, give me a break. Then after we got everything figure out (not great for us, but it would work - we had to pay out of pocket then be reimbursed tomorrow) she said, "Well let me check to see if we have these in stock." I was shocked, what an idiot to be fighting with me about how to pay for these prescriptions if you don't even have them in stock! I was so mad. I asked her to call another Walgreen's and took my prescriptions and left. I got them filled at another Walgreen's but now that I think of it I should have just gone to CVS.

Josh is now resting on the couch with ice cream, his throat is still sore from the breathing tube. He talks funny and they even took off a chunk of his lip when they pulled off the tape so that's bothering him. I haven't seen the scars yet, I don't know if/when I'm supposed to change his bandage or anything. We have a doctor's appointment on Thursday so maybe they will do it then...and give us lots of bandages.

Ok, just wanted to update you all. I have to go fix the bed, Josh is tired, so am I. If I can convince Luke to go to bed I think we'll all crash at 8pm!

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