Friday, June 19, 2009

QUICK Play by Play :o)

While I waited I wrote out a nice long detailed description of what was happening...but the hospitals Internet connection sucked and I wasn't able to upload it...I also forgot to put it on a thumb drive to bring back home, so I thought I would do a quick play by play and you'll get all the little details later :o) I also forgot the camera so I'll take pictures tomorrow as well.

Hospital - 5am
Check In - 5:15am
Took Josh back 5:20am
Brought Trish Back to be with Josh 6:30am
Had to do 5 tries to get an IV in :o(
Surgery started 7:30am
Told surgery would only take 1 1/2 - 2 hours
Surgery ended at 11:15am - complications getting old hardware out of his leg
Room 1503 by 1:30pm
Lots of pain medication...falling asleep in the middle of talking to me
I had to go home to kiddos by 4pm

If you want to call him just dial 913-588 (I don't want to put a whole # up because of "spy ware or whatever) then his room number. He's still really groggy so don't feel bad if he falls asleep on the phone with you.

If you want to visit him here are the directions: find your own way to the hospital 3900 Rainbow Blvd, KCKS, use whatever map software you like Then go to the main entrance and up the escalator on the right. Turn right and go down that hallway, look for the blue sign that says something like "patient visitor rooms 1501-15..." then turn Left down that hallway. Josh's room 1503 is all the way down at the very end of that hallway.

His room is TINY and doesn't have a bathroom (weird toilet comes out from below his sink...kind of gross if you ask me) and they only have 1 chair in there. I guess he got the "crap room" that they give people that are only staying a couple of days. We expect him to get out of the hospital by Sunday evening, or sooner if his pain is under control...but he's not wanting to jump the gun this time he's done it in the past and regretted it.

I'll post more tomorrow.

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