Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Luke Lost

Why oh why must my boy give me a heart attack??

Luke was being really quite so I decided to figure out what he was getting into. I went into the living room...not there...His bedroom...not there...My bedroom...not there...and it was about this time that I notice the front door is open...not uncommon I like to leave it open to let in light. But the problem is that Luke can get out of that door and I'm always on alert if I hear it close, but with the window AC going in the back room I can't hear much of anything in the summer. Well I start to freak out that Luke has decided to adventure outside...FREAK OUT TIME...I'm outside looking for him and then I remember another time he's done this to Josh and I and was asleep under the kitchen table. So I decided before I call Josh and the Police I will do an inch by inch search of the house one more time. I check his bedroom, closet and all...no Luke. I check the living room, under the dresser, behind the couch...no Luke. I almost decide he's not in my room because the TV isn't on and that's usually the case...but I go in there and check the closet, the bathroom, the floors...then I decided to take the pillows off the bed...THERE HE IS! He's curled up under all our pillows asleep on our bed...LUKE I COULD BEAT YOU...if I wasn't so thankful you didn't wonder outside (guess once in a while he listens). I called Josh...we really, really need some sort of lock on the doors so I don't have to go through this again.

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