Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Josh's Surgery

Josh is scheduled for surgery on Friday at KUMC. He's getting the hardware in his leg taken out and they are putting in an ISKD that will lengthen out his leg so that he doesn't have to wear the leg lifts anymore.

Both Josh and I are excited, but it will be a long road and very painful for Josh. I'll have to step up and do everything around the house and I'm hoping the stress and the pure work of it all won't be too much for me being 20 weeks pregnant...hopefully he'll be able to start helping with the kids and house again before too long.

We thought about waiting until after the baby for this surgery, but there's never a good time and it will be nice when he can finally walk without shoes and not kill his back.

Call us on Friday night or Saturday or stay tuned to this blog I'll post pictures (I have pictures from every single surgery...that's the dork photographer I am :o)

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