Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doctor Appointment Update

Today was the day. My mom came over at 7am to watch the kids so we could get to the Dr's by 8:15, but because of my great driving skills (I used to work at KUMC so I know shortcuts through rush hour) we made it there and checked in at 8am. There were 2 other people already in the lobby! I was a little surprised because we were told the first appointment was 8:30am.

Everyone in the office was in a much better mood, no one yelled or looked pissy. Even the Dr. was nicer today...maybe they all had a horrible day last Thursday (let's hope). We got into the room rather quickly, then X-Ray came and took him out to do their job. The nurse came back and told me they were going to go ahead and take out the staples on the X-ray table, so to come back and get pictures (Josh told them I'm a picture crazy lady) but I forgot the camera!!! I put it right next to the door last night so I wouldn't forget it and there it sat! I ended up taking pictures with Josh's cell phone but they are kind of crappy. I could kick myself for forgetting it, the staples coming out is a pretty freaky sight. The nurse told him he had about 50 staples in the upper and then about 15 in the lower scar.

We got back into the room and the Dr. came in. They had measured the X-Ray but because of magnification it's a little off but the Dr. estimated it to be about 20mm lengthened so far...woohoo. There wasn't any bone growth yet where there needs to be and we did talk about maybe a bone graft when the Dr. pulls out the out the ISKD (the rod that is set too long). Then the Dr. had a nurse do a crude test where Josh stood on a phone book until he felt it was ok and they measured that it said there was another 28mm to go. The Dr. said that could honestly be like anywhere from 25-35, it's just a rough estimate.

Overall just a quick check up to make sure it was still ok. So far so good, not a whole lot to report today.

Workman's Comp is pissing me off (yes that's the nicest way I could say it) - they won't pay for the prescriptions up front they want us to buy them and then send in our receipts but that takes forever and you have to pay full price, so it's like $90 for one of his prescriptions!! We can't afford that. Plus they don't want to pay for a babysitter so I can take Josh to his appointments. I told the WC Nurse they can hire a medical van then, cause I'm not taking him anymore. Our lawyer said he would call their lawyer and get it worked out...cross your fingers!!!!

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