Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thursday from HELL

So this past Thursday was apparently the day everything would go wrong for me. Besides Josh's appointment taking a little longer than expected (I mean really just take an Xray and let us be on our way), we ended up having to drive over to Delve to get my supplies for a diaper study with both kids....not what we planned so it made me run late to pick up a bedroom set I had bought off Craig's list. I got the family back home and then hooked up the trailer and headed over to get Doug and a friend to help me load and unload the bedroom set. Well I'm not all that great at driving on the freeway with the truck and trailer I do ok but it took me everything I had to keep it at 65, it just was so heavy. Anyway I got off on Nall and headed to Doug's - there was a huge hill and the truck just wasn't slowing down any and I got pulled over doing 53 in a 35! I was crying (first time ever for me to cry to a cop) and I gave her all the stuff that was going on and told her I simply couldn't slow down. She didn't care at all and wrote the ticket. I was so upset. Then I drove over to pick up Doug and he wasn't even home!!!! I told him he owed me $145 because I wouldn't have had to go down Nall if I wasn't even going to pick him up. I also had forgotten my cell phone back at the house and now I was 2 hours late picking up the bedroom set and now I don't have any help either! I ended up just driving over there and there were 2 guys that helped me get it loaded. It sprinkled a little on the way home but nothing major thank goodness. Then when I got home it looked like it was going to burst so I hurried and got what I could unloaded, all the while Josh yelling at me because I'm 5 months pregnant and "shouldn't" be lifting. Well what was I supposed to do? Josh finally got a hold of a Brother from church and he helped me get the big dresser and 2 bookshelves (I'm glad because those were HEAVY). Then about 6:30pm I was sitting down trying to finally watch a program I was watching for a study and they were going to call me that evening when I realized, "IT'S THURSDAY! HOLY CRAP I HAVE A FINAL TONIGHT THAT STARTED AT 5:30!!!!!" So I jump up and rush out the door with my rough draft in hand and pray that I can still take the final. I end up showing up right as the teacher is getting her stuff packed into her trunk to leave! I turn in my draft and tell her I'm sorry.

It was just a hectic stupid crazy day.

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