Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday = Dr. Appointment

Today we dropped the kids off with Ashley Beard-Fosnow and her two kiddos at 7:30 and headed over to KUMC for our 8:30am appointment. We got there around 8am and checked in. I saw a 'little person' in the waiting room and thought to myself (and now all of you) if he was getting the same thing Josh was lol :o)

Like I said our appointment was 8:30am but we overheard the staff saying that Dr. Horton was on call last night so they didn't know his ETA...geez folks you would think that if you were on call all night you wouldn't start your appointments until like 10am...duh. Anyway Dr. Horton ended up getting there around 9:30am!!! no joke...and these are the Dr.'s training the new generation of Dr.'s!

Josh's leg only lengthened 2.5mm which was pretty slow (it's average is supposed to be 1mm a day) but since it had been doing about double what it was supposed to in the last 2 weeks the Dr. (and us) were very happy with the amount this week. Josh thought he was pretty sedentary this week so we're thinking that's why his leg didn't lengthen. The Dr. wants him to keep it up...oh great just when I was hoping for MORE help.

The other thing that was great is that the Dr. thought he saw the start of some bone growth in the space between, it was really, really hard to see (you could kind of make what you were looking at seem like bone growth) so I'm hoping he's right.

We'd both felt uncomfortable with the Workman's Comp nurse last week so we asked the staff to please tell her to wait in the waiting room until the appointment was over then she could come in and be briefed and ask her questions. Well she kind of huffed and puffed and made a big deal to me (Josh was already in x-ray) that we were making her wait in the waiting room. Then I think one of the Dr.'s assistants got her too early and she was there in the room during the exam anyway! We were hoping to be able to see the Dr. alone and ask our questions without having to worry about what we said being used against us later. She's so pushy when it comes to Josh being able to get back to work...hello he just had major surgery and he's not driving...he can't handle walking or getting from the front door to his office right now. Even when we go to church he decides to use the wheelchair because it's too much walking (it's not that bad).

I did take pictures of the Dr.'s assistant taking out a stitch that was working it's way out, but our computer is being 'updated' and Josh said it's going to take all night so I'm using his laptop to post pictures later. I'm hoping to take a picture of the x-ray next week to's pretty creepy seeing the break in his leg.

Tomorrow I have a sonogram :o) I'll tell you more about that tomorrow night :o)

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