Friday, July 24, 2009

Luke on spankings

So Lukas wasn't going to bed and I was at the end of my rope so I yelled, "Lukas Joshua Frank Gillette if you don't go to bed right now I'm going to spank your butt!!" (yes I also use Josh's middle name when Luke is in "really big trouble" - I've even told Josh we might as well change his name cause he actually thinks that is his full name!)

To which he replied calmly, " hard to you spank?"

I said, "I will spank you really hard"

He replied, "as hard as Daddy?"

I said, "yes."

He said, "OK then I'll go to bed" and climbed up into bed.

I left the room and laughed. I couldn't believe he was contemplating letting me spank him if I didn't spank as hard as daddy! He says the funniest things. On a side note - no I don't spank him often and we've actually discovered he doesn't respond as well to spankings than to being in time out. I guess for Luke his punishment is time out rather than spankings.

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  1. LOL!! your post made me laugh. kids sure say the funniest things!