Monday, July 27, 2009

Josh = no work

Well turns out the Workman's Comp wouldn't let Josh go back to work because he is on some narcotics still. Crazy, we thought they would jump at the chance to have him back at work. Josh is trying to step down the types and amount of pills he's taking, but I figure his bone is still stretching so he'll still be in quite a bit of pain and need something for a while. I think once they do the next surgery and stop the bone from stretching (and after the time it takes to recover from the surgery itself) that would be the time it would be easiest to get off the medicine.

Workman's comp is still a little bit of a crappy situation, they still need to reimburse us for a couple hundred dollars worth of shoe lifts, get us a prescription card, and get Josh's TTD checks sent to our house rather than the lawyers office. They sure don't do anything quickly. But I guess on the other side of that, I'd rather have this all be under workman's comp rather than regular insurance!

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