Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dr's appointments

We had 2 Doctor's appointments today, Josh's was scheduled for 8:30am and then I had a 'baby' appointment for 11am.

Josh's appointment = no changes. This is super weird, one week it was 2mm, then next 4mm, then 8mm and now nothing. It's so unpredictable, we thought he'd be ready for a surgery in the next week or 2 but now we're not so sure. Josh was a little bummed because he was already getting his mind ready for another surgery to happen quickly but it doesn't look that way. The Doctor said that he might put external pins into Josh's leg to keep the rod from extending anymore and give his bone a chance to heal, that won't be pretty (two screws coming out of his leg). I think the Dr. is just really concerned to see some bone growth in that break. Josh was told to start taking some prenatal vitamins...he looked concerned and asked the Dr. if there was any weird "women hormones" in that "stuff" everyone laughed and I offered to share my prenatal vitamins with him :o) Oh the things we do for love.

Baby appointment = lots of changes. The baby looks good, grew a lot, moved a bunch and the amniotic fluid levels are great and normal. He's decided for now he's going to be head up. My blood pressure is good at 134/68 (cause I know you all want to know that) and I've gained like 10 pounds!!!! Now that I'm into the 3rd trimester I will have to start going to appointments every 2 weeks. Honestly I don't see how women do this with more than one kid...well I guess if you have daycare that would help...but being a stay at home mom how am I supposed to go to the Dr. every 2 (then eventually every week) with 2 small children? I know I can't take them with me, they would run wild. Oh well I guess we'll get it figured out.

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